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Renovation & Purchase of New Equipment for Welfare Daycare Centers in Beit El

The generous donation of Friends of Chai Ami, New York


Following repeated requests from welfare daycare centers in Beit El, Chai Ami funded renovations and the purchase of new equipment and toys for the centers. These daycare centers function as a home and warm, loving haven for children from dysfunctional and severely disadvantaged homes who require supplementary academic, emotional, and social assistance and supervision. The renovations and equipment were the generous contributions of R. Gandi and the Sabag Family of New York in honor of the bar mitzvahs of their dear sons. Chai Ami thanks the daycare staff for its wonderful cooperation and efforts on behalf of Jewish children, and expresses its thanks and blessings to our generous donors whose love of their nation and homeland know no bounds. May they reap endless blessing as they continue bestowing goodness upon our nation.


Assistance during the Blazes, Winter 5777

The wave of fires that struck Israel during the winter turned homes in Neve Tzuf and Talmon to ashes and left the families without a roof over their heads or even minimal belongings. Chai Ami immediately rose to the task, joining forces with representatives from the settlements to purchase basic appliances and bedroom furniture for the stricken families. The donation was the generous gift of Mr. Michael Silberman of New York, a faithful patron of Chai Ami, whose love of Am Yisrael and Eretz Yisrael, and specifically the settlements, is legendary.

Chai Ami thanks the wonderful representatives from the settlements Neve Tzuf and Talmon for granting us this awesome privilege of assisting them and blesses the families with success and happiness in their new homes.

Heating Houses, Warming Hearts, Winter 5777

Following repeated requests to assist underprivileged families once again with the purchase of heaters, blankets, and winter clothes, Chai Ami launched its third annual campaign to distribute these necessary winter items to families in the settlements. Working in cooperation with local welfare administrations, the organization distributed electric heaters, outerwear, warm clothing, and blankets to families. Emergency lamps were also distributed to the elderly, as an item with potential to save lives during blackouts.

We thank Mr. Refael Mahadav and Mr. Ikey Tawil of New York for sponsoring this life-saving project. May Hashem repay them for their kindness with blessing and success in all their endeavors!


Chagim Campaign, Tishrei 5777

This year, prior to the holiday month of Tishrei 5777, Chai Ami distributed generous sums of money to hundreds of disadvantaged families in over forty settlements in Israel. These gifts allowed them to cope with the extra holiday expenses and celebrate these sacred, joyous days with happiness and peace of mind.

The campaign was carried out in cooperation with local welfare offices and rabbis from the settlements who personally relayed the checks to the needy families in a discreet, dignified fashion that has been the hallmark of Chai Ami since its inception.

Chai Ami thanks the honored rabbis and devoted welfare officers for their constant cooperation and the support that they extend to families in the settlements. Simultaneously, on behalf of hundreds of families who benefited from this remarkable project, we thank our wonderful donors in whose merit we succeeded!

May Hashem repay you from His storehouses of health, happiness, and prosperity!





Support for Elderly & Holocaust Survivors

Chai Ami in conjunction with our honored patron Mr. Raphael Mahadav of New York supports elderly Jews, among them Holocaust survivors and childless individuals, who are in difficult financial straits and require medical care or medications that National Insurance does not fund. We assist elderly men and women in paying utility bills and purchasing food, medicine, and other lifesaving provisions.

We extend a huge thank you to Mr. Raphael Mahadav for sponsoring this essential project, and we bless him and his family with success, health, and nachat.

Special thank you to the Gush Etzion Foundation for partnering in this mitzvah of “V’hadarta pnei zaken—And you shall honor the face of the elderly.”

Kimcha D’Pischa Campaign, Pesach 5776

In the past years, in the framework of its annual Kimcha D’Pischa Campaign, Chai Ami distributed generous sums of money to hundreds of needy families.  This year, with eager assistance and support from our donors in Israel and around the world, we significantly expanded the campaign and increased both the number of recipients and sums distributed.

On behalf of hundreds of families who were able to celebrate Pesach with true feelings of redemption, Chai Ami thanks our generous donors along with the settlement rabbis and local welfare administrations for partnering with us in this project.



Purim with Our Soldiers & Menifa Club Youth of Beit-El

On the eve of Purim 5776, one of our patrons from New York celebrated their son’s bar mitzvah in Israel by donating 3000 beautiful mishloach manot packages to our dear soldiers on the frontlines, as well as children in special-needs institutions, youth at risk, and elderly men and women in nursing homes. Their gift was a means of identifying with and demonstrating appreciation to those who safeguard our country’s borders.

The family also sponsored a special Purim event at the Menifa Youth Club in Beit El which engaged struggling youth in the special, uplifted joy of Purim.



Chai Ami for Israeli Youth: Emotional Counseling & Vocational Schooling for Kids at Risk

As an integral aspect of assisting disadvantaged families and following numerous requests from welfare offices, Chai Ami launched a special project to fund the costs of emotional therapy and vocational training for kids at risk. The benefit of higher education grants struggling youth hope for a brighter future.

Encouraged by our dear patrons, Chai Ami works hand-in-hand with welfare authorities to support youth through their emotional struggles. Currently, we are seeking to expand this vital project which empowers youth at risk and grants them tools to achieve success and happiness in life, and eventually, give back to society.



Heating Houses, Warming Hearts, 5776

Once again, Chai Ami provided blankets and heating devices to needy families. Volunteers in two distribution centers in Israel distributed two warm blankets and a quality electric heater per family, along with heartfelt wishes for a warm, healthy winter.

On behalf of all our grateful recipients, Chai Ami thanks donors in Israel and abroad for sponsoring this vital project.

Gush Etzion Foundation

We’d like to express our gratitude for your donation of blankets to the elderly and children in Shiluv (educational campus for children with special-needs) in Gush Etzion.  Thanks to special people like you…dozens of children and elderly are enjoying a pleasant, warmer winter.

--Shani Simkowitz, Chairwoman of the Gush Etzion Foundation

Department of Welfare of Regional Council of Matte Binyamin

Following the wonderful partnership and cooperation that we enjoy throughout the year in supporting families… Especially prior to the winter months, when I approached your organization with a request for heaters and blankets for needy families… My appeal was warmly received…and the response was almost immediate as the gifts were delivered to our door in short time.

Rotem Tal, LSW, Manager of Donations

Department of Welfare, Beit-El

Dear Chai Ami,

On behalf of myself and families in the care of the Department of Welfare in Beit-El, I want to thank you profusely for the delicious, warm blankets…

--Dorit Shitrit, LSW, Clubs & Family


Department of Welfare of Shomron Regional Council

We express our heartfelt gratitude for your generous gift of blankets and radiators to disadvantaged families. May you enjoy great blessing in all your endeavors…

--Anat Tzafrir, Shomron Department of Welfare

Help for Terror Victims

Following the recent wave of terror, Chai Ami received many appeals from families of victims, each bearing a special request to assist one or more family members of the victims.  Chai Ami was fortunate to recruit a very generous donor from the United States to undertake this noteworthy project and respond generously to each applicant.

Tishrei Chagim, 5776

Prior to the holiday month of Tishrei, Chai Ami distributed substantial sums of money to hundreds of families. The money was the generous contribution of our patrons from the United States, and the gifts were distributed to the needy via local welfare offices and community rabbis.

We are likewise profoundly grateful to our Israeli donors for heeding our urgent call to contribute generously to this campaign, which allowed so many families to celebrate the holidays with joy and peace of mind.

Subsidized Dental Care

A patient of the Shalev Dental Clinic was astounded when she received a generous check from Chai Ami to cover costly dental care. Several phone calls later, she discovered that upon appealing to her local welfare department for financial assistance to cover the costs, the manager of the Binyamin Regional Council Welfare Department relayed her request among others to Chai Ami, and the organization generously approved the funding.

A subsequent meeting between Chai Ami and Shalev Dental Clinic culminated in a mutually-beneficial agreement in which the two parties will co-sponsor the costs of dental care for disadvantaged families. The news was received with great excitement by welfare departments and many underprivileged families who, within short time, began benefiting from this admirable partnership.

Currently in the planning stages is the construction of a modern dental clinic in the Binyamin region that will offer advanced dental care to underprivileged individuals and families, with costs funded solely by the organization. Please contact Chai Ami to partner in this fantastic initiative!

Agricultural Vocational Project in the Settlements

Chai Ami recruited a group of patrons from the Diaspora who yearned to fulfill the mitzvot hateluyot ba’Aretz (commandments that can only be fulfilled in Israel). In the framework of this special project, Chai Ami purchased agricultural farms that grow olives and grapes used to produce oil and wine. The farms employ a significant number of Israeli workers, enabling them to support their families comfortably. Beyond providing generous salaries to the workers, any profits from the crops are directed to fund other charitable projects managed by Chai Ami and/or distributed to needy families.

Chagim Campaign: Purim & Pesach, 5775

This campaign enabled donors to earn a double mitzvah—matanot la’evoynim that were distributed to hundreds of families on the day of Purim, and kimcha d’Pischa, which was distributed prior to the holiday to enable needy families to purchase their Yom Tov needs. The distribution was implemented in a variety of cities and towns in conjunction with local rabbis and welfare offices.

Warm Winter, 5775

Chai Ami distributed warm blankets and heaters to hundreds of needy families who lacked basic provisions to make it through an especially cold winter. The distribution was carried out in conjunction with local rabbis and welfare authorities.

Chai Ami thanks our generous donors in Israel for partnering with us and donating the necessary items to make this unique project possible.

Chagim Campaign, High Holy Days 5775

In one of its first broad-based campaigns, Chai Ami distributed generous sums of money that were the gifts of donors both in Israel and abroad to hundreds of needy families. The distribution was carried out in conjunction with local rabbis and welfare authorities.

Chai Ami thanks our generous donors around the world who rose to the challenge and donated generously to a charity project that brought joy to so many families.

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