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(Examples of Special Funds that Chai Ami successfully arranged.)

3 Families

Fund 568

Chai Ami launched an emergency appeal to raise money for 3 families in dire financial straits due to severe medical issues. With the generous support of our donors, we helped a family from Binyamin, a family from Shomron, and a family from the center of the country weather major life challenges and imbued them with the strength to carry on.

Thank you to our wonderful donors, our noble partners in all our endeavors.  May Hashem grant you eternal goodness, health, prosperity and happiness always!

2 Widows

Fund 569

Tzila from Gush Etzion and Sarah from Jerusalem are destitute widows facing inordinate challenges, medical issues and huge debts—alone. With help from our fabulous donors in Israel and abroad, we helped these broken widows and children recover from the tragedy and get back on their feet.

A special thank you to our generous friend and supporter Mr. Ikey Tawil of New York, who sponsored the renovation costs on a widow’s apartment in order to adapt it to her special needs.

Thank you to all our wonderful donors whose contributions brought joy to the hearts of widows and orphans. May the Father of widows and orphans repay you with bountiful goodness!

Daniel’s Heart

Fund 524

Daniel Chaim was born with a major congenital heart defect, and doctors forecast that his chances were slim. His parents, however, refused to despair and battled valiantly for their child’s life. Daniel Chaim underwent a heart transplant, and thank G-d, his heart is now pumping and he’s developing beautifully.  Daniel Chaim subsequently underwent another 6 surgeries and is still being treated. For his family, these past years have been grueling, physically, emotionally, and financially draining. With Daniel Chaim requiring round-the-clock care, both parents took extended leaves of absences from work which, naturally, affected their salaries and income drastically and forced them to borrow large sums of money in order to make ends meet.

As soon as they learned of the family’s distress, Chai Ami entered the picture and undertook to support Daniel Chaim’s family through their challenges so the boy can continue receiving vital, life-saving treatment, and the parents can repay their debts.

Saving Shilo

Fund 525

Shilo is a young boy from Binyamin with cancer of the brain and throat. Immediately after receiving the diagnosis, he commenced an immediate series of treatments and spent long periods in the hospital. Shilo underwent major surgery to remove the tumor, but it was only partially successful as a small section remained attached to his brain, forcing frequent follow-up appointments and treatments. The family endured a very difficult period, and Chai Ami launched a massive appeal to help them cope with the challenges.

With generous support from our loyal donors, Chai Ami helped Shilo’s family get back on their feet, enabling them to deal with their son’s medical issues without additional financial stress.  We join the family in praying for Shilo’s full recovery soon.

A Mother Alone

Fund 537

Chai Ami undertook to support a family with seven children from Binyamin. The father has long suffered from mental illness, and the wife bears the burden of raising her children and supporting the family alone.  With long-term assistance from Chai Ami, which funded basic household provisions and covered the costs of the children’s tuition, the mother was able to get the family back on track and lead a normal life.

Yet, even then, their troubles were far from over…  Several months ago, the mother began suffering severe headaches. A series of examinations revealed that she required major surgery in order to stabilize her condition.

Within short time, seven young children found themselves alone, lacking any emotional or financial backing. Chai Ami responded to the welfare office’s emergency request and launched an urgent appeal to cover household expenses and sponsor the costs of the mother’s surgery.

With the help of our dear friends and supporters, Chai Ami raised the full sum of the surgery!

Orphaned Chatan

Fund 538

Several weeks after his son’s engagement, the father of a young chatan lost a years-long battle to cancer, but it wasn’t until after the shivah that the family discovered the extent of their financial woes. Over the years, the father had amassed major debts due to outstanding medical expenses and bills that had accumulated during the course his illness, and the family was at a loss how to begin repaying the debts.

Two months prior to his wedding, an orphaned chatan had nowhere to turn. Lacking the means to afford the basic needs of his wedding, his brokenhearted request to the rav of the settlement where he lived was accepted warmly and immediately relayed to Chai Ami. Touched by the brokenhearted appeal, Chai Ami immediately launched a special fund to raise money for the orphaned chatan.  The outpouring of giving and love was indescribable, and the radiant couple stood joyfully beneath the chuppah, dreaming of a happy tomorrow…



Fund 536

Two blazes that ignited in Gush Etzion left families without a roof of their head or any material belongings. The family, whose very lives had been saved by a miracle, remained with nothing but the clothes on their back…Following a special appeal, Chai Ami launched a special campaign to assist families in rebuilding their homes and purchasing furniture, appliances, clothing and electronics.



Fund 516

David, 8, from Gush Etzion was diagnosed with cancer at a young age. He endured torturous chemotherapy treatment, and thank G-d, recovered. Last year, during his annual checkup, the medical report indicated that the cancer had returned, but much stronger. David’s parents both took extended leaves of absences from work during the ensuing period, and many of his medications and treatments weren’t covered by health insurance. The costs of supporting the household of nine without regular income, along with transportation to and from the hospital for radiation therapy, medication, and household help while the parents remained at David’s bedside, depleted the family’s savings and left them penniless and emotionally broken.

Chai Ami rose to the rescue, and with generous assistance from donors in Israel and abroad, supported the family through the crisis and helped them get back on their feet after the child, baruch Hashem, received the long-awaited news that he was in remission.

Chai Ami thanks the wonderful people who contributed to this campaign and supported a family in their hour of hardship.

May you be blessed with success in all your endeavors!


The Agunah

Fund 534

A mother of three children suffered for years in an abusive marriage, until her husband abandoned her one day and fled the country, leaving her alone to raise the children.

For 15 years, this woman was an agunah, unable to obtain her get until she paid a colossal sum of money to the husband.

Chai Ami learned of this shocking case from the welfare office in Binyamin. With help from several charity organizations, we raised the necessary sum which the woman relayed to the husband and at long last received her get.


Kidney Transplant

Fund 513

A mother of 7 children who spent several excruciating years in dialysis treatment was informed by doctors that she required a transplant in order to live. With her family already encumbered by huge debts following her illness and treatments, she appealed to Chai Ami for urgent assistance.

Chai Ami escorted the family through the entire ordeal, soliciting funding from generous donors in Israel and abroad and raising the huge sums necessary to continue treatment, locate a donor, and fund the cost of the surgery. Chai Ami flew the mother and a family member to the USA where, baruch Hashem, the transplant was successful and she commenced the road to recovery.

Chai Ami thanks its generous donors, and specifically the kindhearted couple who not only contributed generously to the costs of the surgery, but also hosted the woman in their home throughout their stay.


Orphaned Bride

Fund 514

A young bride lost her father several months before her wedding, and her mother sank into severe depression. Following years of contending with enormous medical expenses while the father battled illness, the family was destitute, helpless to assist the bride with her wedding expenses. Upon learning of this heartbreaking situation, Chai Ami immediately launched a powerful campaign to raise money for the bride, and the public response surpassed all expectations. The wedding was magnificent, and the blissful couple took their first steps into married life with joy and security. On behalf of the bride and her family, Chai Ami thanks everyone who partnered in this beautiful mitzvah of bringing joy and comfort to a young orphan. May joy and peace dwell eternally in your homes!


Saving a 7-Month-Old!

Fund 510

R.K. was only 7 months old when she was diagnosed with cancer in the eyes. Doctors recommended that the safest place to conduct the surgery was in Boston, yet the costs of the surgery were prohibitive, far beyond the family’s means. On the verge of despair, they appealed to Chai Ami, and within 4 months, the organization successfully raised the necessary sum. The baby was flown to the USA, where the surgery was carried out successfully.

Chai Ami thanks those who contributed so generously to this Special Fund, and specifically our donors from Gush Etzion, Efrat, Elazar, Alon Shvut and Neve Daniel for joining together to sponsor this life-saving surgery.

Orphaned Brides & Grooms

Over the course of 6 months, Chai Ami helped marry off ten orphaned brides and grooms by funding the majority of their wedding expenses, from the wedding hall, caterer, and band to the bridal trousseau.

This Special Fund was established by Chai Ami following numerous requests on behalf of orphaned, destitute brides and groom, and following the sincere recommendation and blessing of Rabbi Elyakim Levanon, shlit”a.

Chai Ami’s faculty and rabbis along with Mr. Adam Azrak of New York, one of Chai Ami’s generous patrons who sponsored the cost of the reception hall, attended one of weddings.

Chai Ami thanks all our donors and wishes them great blessing and success in all their endeavors.

A Widow & 13 Children

Chai Ami rose to the rescue of a family of 14 after the father passed away following years of battling illness and debt. Chai Ami repaid the family’s debts and assisted generously with the wedding expenses of an engaged daughter. Thanks to the generous responses of our donors, we supported a large bereft family through their hardest times and brought joy and light to their darkened world.


Save the Little Girl!

Fund 517

Chai Ami supported a family from the Shomron through the illness of their 8-year-old child. The father was forced to take an extended leave of absence from work in order to ferry his daughter back and forth from the hospital and remain at her bedside while his wife was torn between her daughter in the hospital and her busy household. The parents reached a point of financial and emotional collapse.

As soon as Chai Ami learned of this tragic case, they launched a successful campaign to raise the necessary sum to help the family emerge from debt and continue covering their daughter’s medical expenses.

On behalf of the family and many others, Chai Ami thanks our donors who are our noble partners in the mitzvah of charity and chesed to the needy. May Hashem reward you tenfold with health, joy, and peace in your homes! Amen!

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